P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden


P&S Scandinavia AB is a joint venture between www.maznaholdings.com and

Peterburg Holding is a valuable staffing source to the worlds leading companies, firms and governments. We provide and staff an extensive team of expert professionals across numerous industries. We bring to each challenge a highly skilled and seasoned group of IT staffing strategists from around the world whose sole focus is recruiting for IT and IT Security. As an established full service leader in IT staffing our strategists will help you to staff more effectively and efficiently in this uniquely challenging change environment.

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No matter how much money you have or your strategy, it all depends on the people you have to work with. P&S is adjusting its strategy to the key  personnel that lead the company in each country rather than trying to find the people who fit to the market opportunities. We therefore build a portfolio of assets in Sweden, buy-renovate-sell in DK and develop green field projects in Croatia and Slovakia. Growing up in real estate, the founders of the company buy the assets which they see there is potential to bring added value, either by converting the building or by upgrading unlike many financial investors who look only at the yield of the asset. Combination of local management together with international very experienced back office determines the success factors of the company.


The firm’s streamlined management is a small and ambitious hand-picked group of individuals. As founder of P&S Holdings, Nimrod Sofer is a firm believer that all successful business ventures begin and end with a winning team. Local management is entirely in charge of the day-to-day activities including purchase of sale of assets, while the overall financial management, overall examination of new deals, business development and design are all influenced by the experience gain by the founders in other countries. While each local manager enjoys freedom (and responsibility), there is a very close interaction between the members of the team winning from the diversified experience and capabilities of each member of the team.


Social Responsibility – The founders are conscious to help non-profit organizations in their work such as: