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Establishment of Byggmax in Oskarshamn


In 2017 Byggmax decided to establish a store in the industrial city of Oskarshamn at the East coast of Sweden. The building is owned by P&S Oskarshamn, which converted a former cold storage shed into the store

In October 2017 the conversion started, and already in January 2018 the building itself was completed. In May 2018 Byggmax opened their store with a great turnout at the opening event.

The store has a total of 2.000 square meters

Founder and CEO of P&S Scandinavia, Nimrod Sofer, explains: “Byggmax has chosen to build a classical shop rather than a mini version built in some small cities. The shop is of 900 m2, including a personal area of ca. 60 m2, storage of 1.200 m2 and the very famous Byggmax outdoor storage where drive-in possibilities is part of this new construction.” – Nimrod says.

 New workplace

Byggmax expects the store will employ 6 to 8 people in its store in Oskarshamn.

“P&S Scandinavia’s biggest projects are in Oskarshamn, and we like this city very much, and it feels good to be able to contribute to the local community by helping employ local people, and helping the local business grow” – Nimrod Sofer says.