P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden

Establishment of Granngården in Västervik

After the succesful opening of aGranngården store in Oskarshamn, P&S was asked to build Granngården in Västervik, which opened in March 2019.

In March 2018 the Granngården store in Oskarshamn opened in Oskarshamn. One year later a new building was opened in Västervik in one of P&S Scandinavia’s buildings. The building located at Kolonivägen 12,Västervik was formerly resided by Karlsson, and was chosen to be the location of Granngården’s store in Västervik. The store’s opening spiked a big interest among the locals and local press attended the opening as well (https://www.dagensvastervik.se/).

Granngården was on the lookout for six years

“We have tried to establish ourselves before, but we haven’t found a proper building with a good location. We have searched for a building in Västervik for six years. We XXXXX about this building six months ago and then we decided us” – Said Linda Åkerman to DagensVästervik in an interview at the opening of the store in April 2019.

Luckily for both Granngården and P&S, the building formerly resided by Karlsson had become available and an agreement was made between the two parties. And six months later the store was open for the public.

A store of 2.800 square meters

The Granngården store in Västervik is 2.800 square meters, and according to the Store Manager, Beatrice Gustafsson, it will employ 7 people. “We are happy to have Granngården as a tenant in both Oskarshamn and Västervik. They are professional, and we as a company are happy to be part of the local communities, and help employ local citizens, and help the economy grow” – Nimrod Sofer, CEO of P&S Scandinavia.