P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden P&S Scandinavia, income properties in Sweden


As part of Maznaholdings’s Portfolio, P&S Scandinavia is a part of an international portfolio of diversified companies within varies fields. P&S Scandinavia’s associated companies comprise of:

Name Field Countries of activity Website
Smart-LED LED Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro and Sweden www.smart-led.se
Laobiogas Biogas Laos www.laobiogas.com
Thai-biogas Biogas Thailand www.thai-biogas.com
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Smart-LED is a company specializing within design, production and installation of LED products. The company has completed projects in Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro and Sweden. Visit www.smart-led.se

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 The companies, Laobiogas and Thai-biogas, are companies in Laos and Thailand, which sell products to private and commercial buyers, which convert biowaste, such as food scraps and animal maneuver into biogas and liquid fertilizers. Furthermore the companies work with NGO’s to provide affordable and safe cooking gas to poor- and rural areas.