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Newly established manufacturer of prefabricated wooden homes, Sizes Works, opened their factory for production in January 2019 at Åsavägen 15, Oskarshamn.

After P&S’s anchor tenant, Scania, decided to end their rental agreement with P&S Oskarshamn, the search went out for a new tenant for the factory of the size of 11.000 square meters. The single biggest property of P&S Scandinavia. Multiple opportunities were explored for the building, but finally an agreement with Sizes Works was made. They had a vision to establish a big factory in Oskarshamn to produce prefabricated houses in wood, which P&S Scandinavia was happy to help make into a reality.

Moved in October 2018

After making renovations to the factory building, it was ready to be moved into by Sizes in October 2018. The production began a few months later in January 2019. During the first phase of newly established company, the houses are produced manually, but the company’s vision is in the long term to automate the production of the houses as the company grows.

“We are very happy to establish ourselves in Oskarshamn, which is an attractive establishment. We believe very much in our strategy to build finished house modules in wood with a high quality at a significant lower marked price than today. SIZES already have two orders on production of 75 apartments in Kalmar so we are in a hurry to start the company.” – Niklas Andersson, Founder of Sizes, told Svenskbyggtiding in June 2018.

Big workplace in Oskarshamn

“70 people are currently employed by Sizes, and the aim of Sizes is to have 150 employees in the long term. This is very much in alignment with our vision to strengthen the local communities in which we are active, by helping to create workplaces, which in turn will help us build a solid business. We believe communities thrive on strong businesses, and believe Sizes contribute has a big potential to grow even further, and become one of the strongest companies of Oskarshamn and to strengthen the local business environment” – Nimrod Sofer, CEO and Founder of P&S Scandinavia explains.



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