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Case examples

Feel free to browse through some pictures and descriptions of a few of the many projects that P&S Scandinavia succesfully have developed through the past 15 years of activity in Scandianvia.

​Nielsens Projektet

Midgård 10

The building, originally constructed in 1925 and later reconstructed in 1930, had reached a state of both preservation and significant structural deterioration. It had been occupied by an elderly lady as a single apartment for many years. P&S acquired the building and undertook the following actions:

a. We successfully obtained a zoning change for the building, transitioning it from a single apartment to accommodate six separate apartments.

b. We collaborated with local municipalities to establish a comprehensive plan to reinforce the building's internal structure while simultaneously renovating the exterior facade.

c. In preparation for the reconstruction, we completely stripped the building, leaving only the bare shell, ensuring a fresh start for the renovation process.

d. With a blank canvas, we proceeded to rebuild the structure into six modern apartments, incorporating contemporary design elements and amenities to meet the demands of today's residents.


This comprehensive transformation by we not only revitalized the historical building but also maximized its potential by creating multiple modern living spaces within the same structure. The project exemplifies our commitment to preserving architectural heritage while simultaneously adapting properties to meet the needs of modern living.

​Nørregade 150, Aarhus C

Byggmax, Vejle

In response to a request from Byggmax, P&S Scandinavia undertook the development and construction of the inaugural Byggmax store in Denmark in mid-2022. Despite facing significant challenges, including a shortage of materials caused by the war in Ukraine, the project was efficiently managed and completed within a remarkable timeframe of just five months from the commencement of construction.

With exceptional project management skills, P&S Scandinavia ensured that the Byggmax store project progressed swiftly, overcoming obstacles posed by the material scarcity in 2022. Their proactive approach and effective coordination allowed for the successful delivery of the store within the specified timeline.

Our commitment to efficient construction practices, combined with their ability to navigate unforeseen circumstances, contributed to the timely completion of the project. The Byggmax store stands as a testament to our dedication, showcasing our capacity to overcome challenges and deliver quality developments despite external constraints.

Frederiksens Søhus

Byggmax and Granngården, Oskarshamn

Byggmax and Granngården sought to extend their reach in the region and selected P&S Scandinavia as their new landlord based on the suitability of our site for their desired location. Given the remarkable compatibility between the two stores, it was an evident endeavor for us to undertake. Despite facing challenging weather conditions with heavy snowfall, we successfully completed the construction of both buildings within a remarkably swift timeframe of just 5.5 months.

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