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Invoice details

If you are a supplier to one of P&S Scandinavia's companies, please read the information how to send us an invocie. We are striving to only use electronic emails. 

Klicka här för faktureringsinformation på svenska.

Please address your invoice to the following companies:

Company Name

P&S Oskarshamn AB

P&S Västervik AB

P&S Scandinavia AB

P&S Blåbäret Oskarshamn AB

Registration Number





Invoicing address: c/o Martin Rosengren – Ludvig & Co. Box 565, 201 25 Malmö

Rules for e-mail invoices

  • The approved file types are only PDF, Tif, Tiff.

  • One invoice per PDF or Multitiff (If there are multiple invoices within the same PDF or Multitiff, they will be processed as a single invoice. If a single invoice and its attachments are divided into multiple PDFs, the attachments will not be processed with the invoice and will be returned to the finance department.)

  • Multiple PDFs or Multitiffs can be sent in the same email.

  • The sender of the invoice will receive a reply email from confirming that the invoice has been received and is in the system, awaiting approval

Please send all invoices to:

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