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Investment oppurtunities

P&S Scandinavia is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow its business. Whether you are an investor seeking a stable company to invest in, a company in search of a reliable landlord, or have any other potential collaboration in mind, we encourage you to contact us. We would be delighted to arrange a meeting to explore how we can work together effectively!

Investor relation

P&S Scandinavia is a renowned real estate company operating in Denmark and Sweden, dedicated to uncovering and seizing exceptional investment opportunities in the thriving Nordic market. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as trusted industry leaders, continuously seeking out new avenues for growth and success.

As a forward-thinking company, we understand the significance of strategic investments in the dynamic real estate sector. We are actively seeking visionary investors who share our passion for unlocking the full potential of the Danish and Swedish markets. Whether you're an individual investor, a private equity firm, or a institutional investor, we invite you to embark on a rewarding partnership with us.

With our extensive local knowledge and expertise, we identify prime properties and development projects that offer substantial returns on investment. Our rigorous analysis and due diligence processes ensure that each opportunity meets our high standards of profitability and sustainability. We specialize in a diverse range of real estate sectors, including residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties, providing a broad spectrum of investment possibilities.

At P&S Scandinavia, we believe that success lies in forging strong relationships and fostering open communication with our investors. We understand the importance of aligning interests and delivering outstanding results. Our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you, guiding you through the investment process, offering expert advice, and providing regular updates to ensure transparency and peace of mind.

By partnering with P&S Scandinavia, you gain access to an extensive network of industry connections, market insights, and unparalleled opportunities in Denmark and Sweden. Together, we will navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape, capitalize on emerging trends, and maximize the potential for long-term financial growth.

Don't miss the chance to be part of our success story. Reach out to P&S Scandinavia today, and let us explore the exciting investment opportunities awaiting you in the dynamic Danish and Swedish real estate markets. Together, we will shape the future of real estate and reap the rewards of our shared vision and dedication.

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Investment criterias

P&S Scandinavia is very eager to expand its real estate portfolio. We are actively seeking new investment oppurtunities. We are mainly seeking the following thorughtout Denmark and Sweden:

1. Build to suit

If you are a tenant in search of a landlord who can provide built-to-suit properties, P&S Scandinavia is your ideal partner. We understand that businesses have unique requirements and need spaces that align perfectly with their operations. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to design and develop customized properties that meet your specific needs and reflect your brand identity.

From site selection to construction completion, we handle every aspect of the development process. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise in creating tailored spaces that enhance your business operations and contribute to your success. We are committed to delivering high-quality, purpose-built properties that align with your vision and drive your business forward. 

So if you wish a high quality customized building, built cost-efficiently and with a reliable landlord that can be reached easily, and not interested in flipping the property after a few years but staying with you as a tenant for as many years as possible, you have come to the right place!

2. Commercial real estate portfolion

Through our extensive experience and professional team we have specialized in renovating buildings to modern standards. If you are the owner of a real estate portfolio, preferably commercial which needs a loving hand, feel free to reach out! 

3. Renewable energy

In the recent years we have started to expand out investments to renewable energy. So if you own a large plot where it's possible and feasible to build a renewable energy project at we would very much like to hear from you. If you are not the owner but can help us in the direction of a project, we will award you with a finder's fee of 100.000SEK when signing a purchase agreement.

4. Angel investment

If you are looking for an active investor with many years of experience in development of different types of projects, raising funds etc., we would be happy to discuss investement opppourtinites in the early startup phases provided it is within a fiels which we can contribute to the company.

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