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Svenska Hem


Åsavägen 15, 572 29 Oskarshamn, Sweden

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Svenska Hem i Bromma

Leasing the factory to SVH allows us to contribute to the growth and success of their green housing initiatives while maximizing the value of the property. By providing them with a purpose-built facility, we empower SVH to focus on their core expertise in sustainable prefabricated housing production.

The location of the factory in Oskarshamn offers strategic advantages, such as proximity to transportation networks and a skilled local workforce. This fosters operational efficiency and facilitates the distribution of SVH's eco-friendly housing solutions to customers across the region.

We take pride in our role as a developer, supporting SVH's vision and contributing to the community's economic development. The factory not only creates employment opportunities but also showcases our commitment to repurposing existing spaces for sustainable purposes, revitalizing the local area.

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